Corina Bona started life in Caracas, Venezuela. Thanks to her fathers work, she then moved with her family to Colombia, Mexico, USA, UK, Argentina and Switzerland. This international lifestyle has helped contribute to the many languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and a plethora of accents that she loves to imitate. She settled in Bristol in 2000 to study and work, She contributed to the creating and running of the Smoking Puppet Cabaret and was part of the Bristol Festival of Puppetry, She regularly taught as at Puppet Place the South Wests Puppetry HUB.

Cori, is now living in Rural Portugal on the outskirts of Agueda, working for local Arts Association and The D’Orfeu Theatre.  Known more  commonly as Cori, she is a puppeteer, Maker and Workshop facilitator.She is passionate about Puppetry and its power to entertain, educate and mystify. Cori has worked as a Puppeteer for over ten years with reputable local and international companies like Green Ginger, Pickled Image, Stuff and Nonsense, Soap Soup, Circo-Media, Shambala Festival, Aardman Animation and more. She loves teaching others how to bring puppets to life and make them from scratch. She also enjoys collaborating with other artist and companies to make puppets and performances. She is currently performing in a show called “D’Orfeu Viu-se Grego an Odyssey on Wheels” its

“Orpheus Viu-se Grego” is a piece of street theatre presented from a van that is transformed into a theatre space on wheels. Actors, characters, monsters, scenery, music all emerge from its entrails. Audiences can expect a fantastic and re-telling of this classic Greek myth!  The birth of Orpheus, the god of music and poetry, son of Calliope and Apollo. This fun street performance shows us how art creates bonds, even among the strangest beings in the historical fantasies of ancient Greece.

check out this interview she did in the Guardian!


Online Creative Choices interview:


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