Smoking Puppet Cabaret @ Shambala Festival

As the lights go down and the curtain falls, something strange is happening at Shambala Festival – a wondrous tent packed full of puppets will be entertaining you by day and by night! Now in its 3rd year, fresh from rip-roaring outings at Bristol Festival Of Puppetry and The Wardrobe Theatre, The Smoking Puppet Cabaret will host twisted puppetry, eclectic sounds and off-beat humour for your pleasure!


My first year as the Area Manager for the Puppetry Tent at Shambala 2013 was an incredible challenge. Four days of Puppetry filled mayhem featuring over 13 companies who performed at different times of the day.

From the Insect Circus by String Theatre with their trick victorian marionette; to Greedy Boy by Dark Squid a shadow puppetry musical to hand shadow wizard, Finger and Thumb with Peter and the Wolf. For adults we brought along the dark and twisted Oedipus in Boots by the Wardrobe Theatre collective and Headstrung Cabaret.

The highlight of this experience was bringing together a varied mix of puppetry style to a festival audience who would otherwise have little or no exposure to puppets. The tent was packed to the hilt for every showing and featured both family shows that alternated over the festival with a different adult cabaret every night. Come and see what we do at Shambala 2014 !

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Puppeteer Performer Voice over artist Designer Maker Workshop Facilitator

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