Puppetry Development Consortium

From November to January I have been involved with the Puppet Centre Trusts project Working together to Strengthen Puppetry  with the Puppetry Development Steering Group. It has been inspiring and fascinating to meet the people involved: Sue Buckmaster- Artistic Director of Theatre Rites Joy Haynes- Director of the Norwich Puppet Theatre Slavka Jovanovic- Head ofContinue reading “Puppetry Development Consortium”


Detective O and the Cold Case Caper 16-22nd February 2015 Half term Coming your way again its the fantastic Detective O! We are looking forward to working with a new gang of Rookie recruits, to help crack the case of the missing Thumbelina. Come and help,  we need to find the clues, look for evidence,Continue reading “SHOW UPDATE”

September to December Update

Having survived and thoroughly enjoyed one of my busiest summers, I have moved into a productive autumn/winter season. Thanks to Puppet Place I was selected to be part of The Puppetry Steering Group who are carrying out an inquest into how to improve the standard and quality of training and performance in puppetry in England.Continue reading “September to December Update”

Summer Puppet Madness

  A little Update of everything that happened this summer in reverse chronological order: September 8th-9th-13th Montpelier Beanfest Procession Puppet Workshops Thanks to the lovely gang at Coexist I was contacted to deliver three, 2hr workshops at Dolphin School Bristol, I spent two days meeting and creating six large procession harvest puppets with children aged 5-7.Continue reading “Summer Puppet Madness”

Birthday Parties!!!!

Do you need some entertainment at your next birthday party?! Why not enjoy the company of some wonderful interactive characters. Our latest outing was to a 5th birthday party held at King Weston House in Bristol.  25 young children aged between 3 and 7 were delighted and engaged by Andrea Delamico, Buster the Racoon andContinue reading “Birthday Parties!!!!”