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Detective O and the Cold Case Caper

Detective O carousel

At the Bristol Old Vic from the 16-21 of February half term 2015 to book tickets go to

If you are interested in booking the production check out our tour pack and get in touch!


Details of how the show was made are below.


Detective O and the Cold Case Caper

We need rookie detectives! Can you help us find a missing person?

Could you be good at helping to solve mysterious crimes? If so, you are just the sort of person we are looking for. This is your chance to join Detective O in the evidence room on her toughest case yet. Help her seek out the clues and crack the case!

Detective O and the Cold Case Caper, an interactive and fast­paced children’s puppetry show with its own catchy soundtrack by Kid Carpet.


“the show is perfectly placed for kids the idea of them being part of a detective tale is magical and very engaging” Sophie Jerrold (parent from early showing in Bristol)

“Loved the songs, loved the story, LOVED your Character!” Amy Lloyd (parent from early showing in Bristol)



The Making of:

To know More about how this production came to be please look at the posts below of the research and development process. We received an Arts Council Grant in February and have worked loosely over four months to make highly interactive family show.



Thumb poster2 Print

The Sharing

On May the 14th we carried out a sharing of the main interactive elements of the show to gauge how audiences would respond. It was important to identify the most appropriate age group to watch the show. There are many moments in the show that ask a lot of our audiences participation, for example drawing an ID sketch of Thumbelina, collecting evidence, going on a police chase and joining in with dances and songs.

Here are some photographs that capture the sharing and our selected audience.





The Unusual Suspects

The mysterious disappearance of Thumbelina

Thumbelina has gone missing! We need rookie detectives! Are you good at finding clues and helping to solve mysterious crimes? Have you ever lost a sock, had your favourite sweets taken, misplaced your keys or known about a missing cat? You could be just the sort of person we are looking for. This is your chance to join an interactive magical adventure with Detective Corina O. as she investigates the case of Thumbelina’s disappearance.

Part-adventure, part-detective story, Thumbelina: A Fairytale Case is an interactive family performance that mixes puppetry, song and good old detective work to resolve the mysterious disappearance of Thumbelina.

Suitable for ages 5-10



Having received our Arts Council Grant Funding we have begun researching and developing our ideas for a new family production inspired but the Hans Christian Anderson story of Thumbelina.

I have wanted to make a piece that uses this classic fairytale for a longtime. It is a very special story that is full of wonderful characters and little life lessons. A coming of age style story that focuses on learning to trust your instincts and making things possible regardless of size.

I would like the audience to experience this tale in a new way, through the eyes of a child detective. Together we can set out to solve the mysterious kidnapping of Thumbelina.

We have made some wonderful discoveries over the past week with my trusty team of collaborators. As co-devisors I have had the support of Liz Hart of Brica’Brac Productions, Matthew Whittle, Artistic co-founder of The Wardrobe theatre and Emma Powell, Pickled Images talented puppet maker.  Guiding us towards the final design is the talented Chris Gylee. Whilst musically we have enlisted the fun and quirky Kid Carpet .

We also had a special drop in consultant, Sarah Corbett. Sarah is an expert in movement and clowning. She has recently relocated to Bristol and was very helpful to making me aware of energy and intentions for the structure of the piece.

We were kindly given special artist rates to hire space at Easton Community Centre.

Here are some rough photos of the creative process.

detective on the case




stake out










Over the past week Chris Gylee, Emma Powell and I have met to discuss the designs for the piece. The production is now centring on a child playing detective, who becomes so engrossed in playing that the fairy tale of Thumbelina becomes a real case for them to solve.

We have explored how to combine the classic look of film noire detective characters with our animal characters. We put together a Thumbelina Pinterest board that has references and inspiration for the look and personality of these characters.

Emma and I then spent the day sketching and trying to see how best to embody these features into the puppets. Here are some images of what our ideas pulled together.







Musical Development Thumbelina R&D

The wonderful Kid Carpet has been collaborating with me to create the music for the wonderful detective family show. So far we have generated as much of the musical sound scape as possible to accompany the action with in the piece. One major role that music plays is in creating the atmosphere for our scenes so that the audience will be encapsulated in the experience.

My favourite song so far is ROOKIE DETECTIVE, this piece will be performed by myself and the audience so that we can all learn the different skills needed to be a detective. Have a listen to this version recorded with Kid Carpets vocals

This track COLD CASE BLUES is a very difficult moment in the production when we think all hope is lost and we might never crack the case! The vocals are sung by me (Corina Bona).

There will be lots of other sounds included in the final show but this is a little taster to get you excited.




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